Adaptive Plugins

The IRIS.TV Adaptive Plugin is the backbone for all of IRIS.TV Player plugins for HTML5 players. This section is split into two parts; installation instructions for each video player that we have built specific plugins for and instructions on how change and customize the plugin options for each.

Select your video player from the table of contents:

For integration with any video player not listed above please refer to the below materials:

Custom Adaptive Plugin Integrations:

The documentation for Custom Adaptive Plugin covers all necessary information for how you can integrate IRIS.TV with any other HTML5 player video player.

Adaptive Plugin Customization Options:

UI Settings and Customization Options covers how to modify any Adaptive Plugin settings (both custom and IRIS.TV built)

Plugin Versions

In the browser console, you will notice two different code versions: the plugin version, which is the initial script loaded for some players, and the library version.

For example, when using the Brightcove plugin you will see the following lines:

Plugin Version: [Adaptive: v1.11.0]							iris-bc.adaptive.js:71:3
Library Version: [IRIS Adaptive: v1.12.4]					iris.adaptive.js:26:15477